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Ben Walker
"Ben plays Beatles"
Ben plays Beatles
Background information
Birth name John Benjamin Walker
Born 17 July 1980 (1980-07-17) (age 29)
Oxford, England
Genres internet folk pop, geek troubadour
Occupations Musician, web developer
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar
Years active 1998–present
Associated acts Jont, The Legendary Swordsmen, Papa Yam & the moose
Website Blog

I'm a songwriter. I have a website and a Twitter account, and now a wiki. It seemed like a good place to collect lyrics, links, chords, tabs and other stuff.

I think I'm going to make this my main website (and keep as a Tumblr blog), so I'm starting to drag all my favourite stuff from there to here. Feel free to explore, but bear in mind that you are essentially boring directly into my brain as I spew out and organise facts and stories about my life. Just saying. Be warned. ;)


Man (hat on)

"Man (hat on) logo"
The Man (hat on) logo, letterpressed by Nick Gill

We (Miranda, Xander and I) went on a creative adventure to New York in the first week of December 2009. We called it Man (hat on). I played at The 2nd Annual Beatles Complete On Ukulele Festival, and we filled up the rest of the week with house concerts, office gigs (including the Tumblr gig) and parties. We love the idea of sustainable creativity (in the end we all just want to create, right?) so we took a week off work and crammed in as much music, blogging, meeting, tweeting and collaborating as we could. I also found time to record a new version of Box Junction Heart with Dave Barratt.

Before the trip I got together with Daley Walton and Nick Gill to screen print some t-shirts, and we made a load of clever little badges which are now travelling the streets of Brooklyn on trendy hats and tweed jackets. Along the way we recorded the Man (hat on) live album, with the album art crowdsourced on Flickr.

We recorded the week's adventures on a Tumblr blog, and that's where you'll find the videos, blog posts, photos and songs.


  • (lyrics, videos, audio and guitar tabs)


I've teamed up with Tom Greeves and Xander Cansell (both of Ben's Big Gig fame) to record a regular podcast of witty chat from the heart of Oxford. It's called Poshcast. Obviously.

Brilliant ideas

Musiciens Sans Voitures

A support group for musicians without cars.


A virtual band made up of people on Twitter called Ben.

Dogs Running Free

A three-day musical collaboration with Nick Gill and Spencer Walker (as yet unrealised).

Funny is Better than Good (FBG)

A worldwide movement to improve the quality of live entertainment.

Ben's Big Gig

There's a microsite, a blog and a Twitter account for the Big Gig already, but I'm dumping other useful stuff here.

Ben's brilliant Tuesday emails

I've been sending out a series of weekly emails to my email list explaining social media and internet stuff in my trademarked easy-going style. It seems a shame for them to languish in old mailboxes, so here they are: Tuesday emails.

Stuff you can help out with

This is a wiki, which means you can edit it. Yes, really! Just click the 'edit' button at the top of any page. You don't have to. But I'm sure you'll sleep better knowing that you could, in theory, update some mis-transcribed lyrics or add a link to a relevant blog post.

  • Add songs that I haven't thought of to the Songs page